Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Site-specific installations and photography

Curated by Rose Clancy
February 5, 2010-March 5, 2010
5405 Broad Street, Pittsburgh, PA

PITTSBURGH, PA: The Distillery 4 Program, in collaboration with the Schmutz Lodge, presents the work of eight artists, uniting to overcome the loss of their residency studio. Work will be on display at the Schmutz Lodge, located at 5405 Broad Street in Garfield.

Six months to distill together in a studio space that once housed a brewery, is what the eight participants of The Brew House’s Distillery Program received when they were awarded a spot in the residency program; a studio space is what they lost when The Brew House did not receive the expected funding for the Distillery Program’s fourth season. A strong desire among these artists to remain together as a group, coupled with the determination of the program’s three mentors, Rose Clancy, Rob Katkowski and Brett Douglas Davis, led to the development of the Unstill’d Project.

Unstill’d is a month-long project in which the artists were given a space and asked to respond to their current dislocation. The Schmutz Lodge, a performance and visual arts spectacle, opened their doors to the Distillery Program, and their building has served as both studio and exhibition space for the Distillery artists. Unstill’d includes site-specific installations and is curated by Distillery alumnus, Rose Clancy.

“Unstill’d is the culmination of the Distillery artists’ response to their 30 day residency at The Schmutz Lodge, and it is the first achievement on our list of goals for the ongoing Distillery Program. Our next goal is to secure another short-term residency and exhibition opportunity, and we hope that the Pittsburgh community can help us with this,” said Clancy.

Unstill’d represents the following artists:

Heather Pinson
Dave English
Becky Slemmons
Carlea Cannon
Nikki Rosato
Rachel Debuque
Lenka Clayton
Ashley Andrews

Gallery Details
The Schmutz Lodge is located at 5405 Broad Street, Garfield
Opening Reception: February 5th 6-10 PM, during Unblurred
Closing Reception: March 5th 6-10 PM, during Unblurred
Gallery can be visited by appointment only. To schedule an appointment contact: (412) 759-4242

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