Thursday, January 28, 2010

UnStill'd Show

This is what I'm doing in my space in the upcoming UnStill'd Show on Feb. 5th-March 5th:
I am making a mini-universe for others to experience- reminiscent of the universe I constantly occupy with my assorted eyesight conditions. The main force of this installation is a sense of off-kilter, pseudo-mystical visual experience. I have been creating 3-D canvases which tangibly illustrate my alternative way of seeing. Mini-lighting techniques, pieces of previous photographs along with current ones, light filters, liquid, and mirrors are spaced out in the "depth-box," as I am referring to my deep canvases.
My vision is that some of my depth-boxes will be open in the back to show video art or perhaps a live-feed hidden camera placed somewhere mysterious in the house.
An audio loop of accordion and vocal sound will be playing.The walls will be covered with shiny black plastic, and the ceiling will be covered with shiny silver plastic, inducing a sense of "fun-hose" otherworldliness.

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